Does the ANZAC spirit exist in workplaces today?

Today the 25th of April we celebrate ANZAC day. We pause to remember the day and pay tribute to the thousands of Australian and New Zealand soldiers who landed in Turkey and were killed by an army that knew they were coming. But that’s not why we celebrate ANZAC day. We celebrate because of what [...]

Funding for Training in Australia 2015

Are you eligible? Its been a busy start to the year with both Federal and State governments announcing new programs for funding training. Are you eligible? What do you have to do to get one? Do I need to pay out of pocket? Well it depends if you're employer funded or self funded, if the [...]

Celebrate the International Day of Happiness

Friday 20 March 2015 is the UN International Day of Happiness What makes you happy? Did you know that 87% of people would prefer to live in a society with the greatest happiness rather than the greatest wealth! But we are bombarded with so many fake and misleading images of happiness in adverts and the media [...]

Developing leadership skills in technical leaders

I had an interesting conversation with a prospective client recently. Many leaders in their organisation are technical experts who are struggling to develop leadership qualities. When the personality strengths of a person don’t naturally align with leadership attributes then what happens? Do they stay in their technical role and not attempt a leadership pathway? Do [...]

Giving Feedback – Praise the effort

How many different ways can you say "Great Job"? It's the question I posed to my training group yesterday when we were discussing how to give positive feedback effectively. The responses included: Well Done Good work Thanks for your effort today I really liked how you ..... You achieved your KPIs today - well done [...]

Merry Christmas from Training x Design 2014

What a year 2014 has been for Training x Design. This year we traveled all over Australia to Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Bathurst, Melbourne, Minlaton, Burra and Adelaide of course. We've met many people and changed many hearts and minds along the way. Here's an overview   We're already gearing up for an even better 2015. [...]

Train the Trainer – Feedback from a client

Training x Design has been delivering Train the Trainer programs since 2004 in a variety of different formats. Ranging from the nationally recognised qualification "Certificate IV in Training & Assessment" to customised in-house courses designed for the specific workplace. One of the greatest pleasures of our job is helping people to deliver more effective training, [...]

Leading Change – 6 Tips for Success

I recently delivered a Change Management workshop for a variety of leaders from a variety of industries. As usual at the beginning of the session I asked the group how many of them were currently going through a change at their workplace. About 75%. I then asked who amongst those that were currently not going [...]

What leadership skills training do your leaders need?

Each year when Training Managers and Human Resource Managers start establishing their training plans for the coming year there is usually one skills gap that is seen as a priority.   Leadership skills training for middle managers Its been a long held view that most people leave managers rather than organisations. The "disengaged" component of [...]

Dealing with Difficult People workshop – Feedback

I took a cold and frosty trip to Burra in South Australia last week to deliver a Dealing with Difficult People workshop. It was definitely worth it.   Here is some feedback we received:   You can Customise your own communication skills course here: Select from the following options: Make your Selection