Training x Design Will Train Your Employees to Think More, Do More, Feel More.


How Do We Customise and Deliver Our Learning Solutions?

Training x Design provides customised training that will maximise the most from your people and business. We understand that each business is different with its own distinctive attributes. The training we create will be as unique as you and your business. The ability of your people to apply the tools, strategies and behaviours that align to your unique mission, vision, values and goals is what will give your business a sustainable advantage.

Using the principles of positive psychology, emotional intelligence and behavioural science, we leverage the knowledge of global thought leaders in all our learning solutions. These are constantly being updated, ensuring that your employees get the learning benefits from the latest research, tools and strategies in the world today.

When training with Training x Design, your employees will be provided with the knowledge, tools and opportunities to do their best work and utilise their individual potential. It’s when we are utilising our abilities to solve complex workplace problems that we feel most engaged.

We challenge ourselves to become more.
Think More, Do More, Feel More.

Training solutions that help people to become more than they are today

A confident, skilled and innovative workforce will give you the competitive edge you need. Investing in staff will bring you real results and can help you develop a sustainable and growing business. We customise our training to meet the needs of your business and staff, working with you every step of the way.

We follow a four step to business success procedure;

Consultation; we discover the unique attributes of your people and business

We discover what makes your business different in your marketplace. We use our unique training needs analysis tools to determine the specific training needs of your people based on your strategies and goals.

Designing the training solution, addressing your core business goals.

Your unique training solution incorporates the findings in step 1 into a training solution that will deliver on behavioural changes in your business. Designing an innovative and engaging learning experience that’s built on adult learning principles and performance improvement.

Deliver training directly to your employees in a positive environment.

Training is delivered by expert facilitators using real work scenarios and customised learning materials. An interactive adult learning environment is maintained tailoring the learning activities to the specific group needs.

Ensure lessons from the training are utilised in the workplace

Research shows that training that is applied immediately back in the workplace is more likely to be retained long term. Training x Design’s approach follows the internationally recognised 70:20:10 Workplace Learning Framework developed by Charles Jennings. This framework has shown to improve the application of learned skills into the workplace by 75%, which maximises the return on your training investment.

Our Commitment to Our Business Clients is;

Training x Design is committed to providing the best solution for your learning needs.

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