Customised Sales Training will help your team get more sales

  • Learn how to sell your business’s unique strengths
  • Learn the way that you learn
  • Use the latest techniques in the psychology of selling
  • Be better at influencing buyer behaviour.

Keep reading to find out how custom sales training helps your sales team achieve these things.

Four Simple Steps
Why Customise?

Target the Strengths & Weaknesses of Your Sales Team

With the Training x Design assessment tool, we will help you to identify the specific strengths and weaknesses that are currently in your sales team. Then, your training program is then designed to target their specific areas. This is why our sales training program gets you results you won’t see from any other program. Your sales training program that is customised completely to your business and your people.

Some of the outcomes you can expect to see include:

  • better, confident, and more effective communication
  • every sales person focused on your unique value proposition
  • better business relationships with your clients
  • reports of exceptional sales and service.

Give your team the capacity to build the connections they need, and the capacity to capitalise on their strengths. Show them how they can deliver exceptional sales and service to your clients every time.

Customised sales training creates a more engaged sales team.
Customised sales training for teams brings your world into your training program.
Customised sales training is perfect for all kinds of sales: Inbound, outbound, and face to face.

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Customised sales training: Sell the strengths of your business

Your business has unique strengths. Truly customised sales training incorporates the strengths of your business into the program. Your business is unique; your training program should be too.

Training x Design is the only company to customise your sales training completely

Sales training is about the business, but it is also about the people. Each of your people is different, and each has specific development needs. Our purpose-built needs assessment identifies your sales team’s specific strengths and weaknesses. It means that the program isn’t just tailored — it’s custom built.

The latest theories in the psychology of sales, and emotional intelligence to influence buyer behaviour, will be core to your program. Your customised sales training will be created on a foundation of the latest in positive psychology, emotional intelligence and behavioural science.

Customised sales training gives you:

  • tools that work in your business
  • strategies that are successful for your sales goals
  • behaviours that align with your values and goals.

Give your business a sustainable competitive advantage.

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Four simple steps to sales training success

  • Specific, unique needs analysis

    Our purpose-built training needs analysis creates a program fully customised to your team’s specific strengths and weaknesses.

  • Custom sales training design

    The findings in step 1 feed into a training solution that develops your sought-after behaviours. Your innovative and engaging learning experience will be built on solid principles of adult learning and performance enhancement.

  • Interactive, real-world scenarios

    Your training will be delivered expert facilitators using real work scenarios drawn from your business. The interactive learning environment tailors learning activities to the group’s specific needs.

  • Make sure that lessons learned are lessons used

    Research shows that training that is applied immediately is more likely to be retained long term.

Learn how your sales team can deliver exceptional results

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