“Train Your Trainers To Deliver Effective Business Training Programs”


Are you looking for a Train the Trainer program?

Our experts design and deliver learning programs to your facilitators that will have a positive impact on your business training. Our approach will enable your business to offer innovative training efficiently and effectively to your employees.

Working with Training x Design will reduce the amount of time you spend on designing training because our solution will be tailored to perfectly fit your individual business needs long term.

For training to be effective it needs to be delivered by a highly skilled trainer. The trainer’s responsibility is to deliver training in an engaging and interactive way that applies adult learning theories. This ensures that all participants are not only enjoying the learning process but applying it into their workplace.

We will help your trainers design and deliver training programs that capture the hearts and minds of participants.

Training x Design Will Support Your Unique Business Training Requirements

Training itself varies a great deal. Some sessions take place in small groups others in large. Some training is knowledge based others is skill orientated. Regardless of the type and size of the training sessions you facilitate, our “Train the Trainer” learning solution will help your trainers to deliver a highly engaging program that is guaranteed improve the well-being and business performance of the participants.

Your trainers may be new to the post or have been doing the job for some time, either way we can provide them with the knowledge, skills and tools they need to design and deliver training programs the participants will really gain value from.

Training x Design will enable your coaches to deliver 1 on 1 coaching sessions that build relationships, transfer skills, knowledge, and evaluate successful outcomes.

Your trainers will learn how to:

  • Apply the principles of Adult learning in your training programs.
  • Conduct a training needs analysis and develop learning objectives.
  • Use best practice instructional design methods.
  • Create stunning and effective visuals.
  • Create a positive learning environment that stimulates creative thinking.
  • Deliver learning activities that engage participants with different learning styles.
  • Manage group dynamics and challenging situations.
  • Evaluate the training session and establish successful outcomes.
  • Apply the 70:20:10 workplace learning framework to ensure the training is applied in the workplace
  • Plan and conduct on job assessments
  • Review and validate assessment processes

Discover how we can enhance your business performance.

Let us help your trainers be more tomorrow than they are today.