Here are 9 ways that you can take the blinkers off when looking at your business:

  1. Read your mission, values, and purpose alongside your teams KPIs. Ask yourself whether the behaviours youre asking for are coherent with your mission, values and purpose.

  2. List all the ways that you manage employee performance and wellbeing. Do you have meetings, mentoring, coaching, or appraisals at least once per month?

  3. List all of the workplace learning processes that support individuals development. Whats missing?

  4. List all of your communication systems. Do they support deep work or shallow work?

  5. List all of the performance indicators of your teams. Do these support strategic success?

  6. Look at your organisational chart. How do your individuals accountabilities and expectations map to your strategy?

  7. Review the last skills audit you did. Have you captured all of the skills and knowledge of everyone in your business? Are you confident that theyre playing to their strengths?

  8. Think about your own vulnerability as a leader. When was the last time you demonstrated by your actions that its ok to look after yourself?

  9. Focus on your top strategic goal. Ask yourself whether points 1-8 are reinforcing your direction towards it.

How these 9 ways will help you

Hitting major strategic goals can be a mammoth task. The 9 ways listed above will help you do the reflection to make the job easier.

The difficulty in achieving your goals tends to manifest in a feeling that youre treading water. When youre doing everything you believe you can do, but youre still not achieving the outcomes you require, then the issue is people.

Now, I dont mean that its a People Problem.

I mean that you have people doing the same things in the same way, looking at a different goal, and not understanding what to change to achieve it.

Thats the kind of clarity you achieve with some focused discovery work.

Itll show you whether or not what youve got in place (or are planning to put in place) is congruent with your direction.

The checklist above is a short-cut to unearthing the root causes of your training challenges in 2019. Before you dive head-first into your new decade, take the time to reflect on the past year, and the past 10 years!

What would you do differently to make your next decade amazing?

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