9 05, 2014

4 things to include in your Customer Service Strategy. Match it to customer service training

I've been delivering Customer Service training in Adelaide so long I really get excited when I experience service excellence. I recently received some fantastic service from a sales consultant. Their selling skills were amazing, they made me feel important, answered all my questions and convinced me that their offer would be perfect for me. I [...]

5 11, 2013

You have 3 seconds to attract customers

You have 3 secs to attract your customer into your store; .....1.....2....3 Whether they decide to enter or not will depend on how attractive and inviting your display is. This article analyses how different personalities are attracted to different types if displays. Knowing your target market and what type of customers you wish to attract [...]

5 11, 2013

The Generations approach to retail

This is an interesting article which looks at what shapes each generation's approach to retail as well as the future spend. For example did you know that Generation X & Y are half of the current retail spend? If your business is targeting these customers then its worth reading about how you can tap into [...]