8 06, 2017

Why is real customer centricity completely transformative?

Real customer centricity is completely transformative because it changes how your entire business makes decisions. In this article we explain why this is the case. It’s far more than training people; it’s about real action, in every role. Time to read: 2 minutes […]

11 08, 2014

Dealing with Difficult People workshop – Feedback

I took a cold and frosty trip to Burra in South Australia last week to deliver a Dealing with Difficult People workshop. It was definitely worth it.   Here is some feedback we received:   You can Customise your own communication skills course here: Select from the following options: Make your Selection

9 06, 2014

Treat your employees like your customers

I posted this quote from the late, great Stephen R. Covey recently on LinkedIn, and very quickly became my most viewed status update ever. For me it represents what I believe and what I value.   The importance of treating people within your organisation as you do external to your organisation. Aligning your external customer [...]

9 05, 2014

4 things to include in your Customer Service Strategy. Match it to customer service training

I've been delivering Customer Service training in Adelaide so long I really get excited when I experience service excellence. I recently received some fantastic service from a sales consultant. Their selling skills were amazing, they made me feel important, answered all my questions and convinced me that their offer would be perfect for me. I [...]

28 03, 2014

How Australia Ranks in the World of Customer Service

New Zealand beats Australia! A couple of days ago I shared an article about which country was happier. The scores were based on the incidence and strength of smiling, giving a ranking of the world's happiest places.   Today I came across a Customer Service Infographic that ranks countries in the world according to their [...]

21 02, 2014

Please Retailers, Focus on your Customer – Not on the product

Anyone go to Department Stores for Service any more? I haven't been to a department store in ages it always seems to be hard to find what I'm looking for and it does take a long time to get there. But today I was looking for just the right thing. A special gift for a [...]

17 02, 2014

How not to be Customer Focussed

Customer Service is my 'thing'. I consult on the topic, deliver workshops, help organisations develop strategies around it and most importantly I am very passionate about it. I'm always on the lookout for someone delivering excellence and go out of my way to let them know what an outstanding job they're doing. So when I'm [...]

20 12, 2013

Merry Christmas from Training x Design

Its been a wonderful year personally and professionally.   This year Training x Design has helped over 845 people become more than they are today. These courses included: 40 -  Leadership 24 - Customer Service 11  - Training & Development 5   -  Communication for a total of 119 days of training delivery.   As [...]