Training and Assessment is a necessary function in all workplaces.

Firstly let me start by stating that if you are working as a trainer or assessor for an RTO (Registered Training Organisation) then this post is not targeted at you.

RTO trainers and assessors need the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment (known as the TAE) as a requirement for their job. Especially if you’re delivering this qualification.

I have also been delivering this Cert IV qualification in all its various forms since 2000. Although it fits the RTO space quite well it isn’t a best fit qualification for all workplace trainers and assessors.

Why isn’t it necessary?

Let’s say in your workplace (not an RTO) you train and/or assess your colleagues or team members in various workplace tasks. This could involve training people on policies/procedures like in an induction program, or how to use the operating equipment like machines and/or technology.

Just like any other job trainers and assessors need to be trained on how to do their tasks to the best of their abilities. A short course where they can learn how to deliver an effective training session and/or how to conduct “best practice” assessments would be very beneficial to help develop confidence and skills in this area.

Completing relevant modules in the Certificate IV in Training & Assessment will certainly provide them with these skills but will be focused on applying these skills in an RTO environment within the VET(Vocational Education & Training) sector.

It may contain additional skills and knowledge that are not likely to be applied in your workplace and that are of no interest to your employees. Leaving them disengaged to the learning process. This can result in a waste of time and money.

What’s the alternative to an accredited course?

If you’re looking to up-skill your trainers and assessors to deliver engaging and effective training and assessment, enroll them into a short course that is customised to their specific job requirements. It will keep your employee’s interest by being relevant and will save you time and money by focusing on only the skills you need and not the ones you don’t.

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