Is Training x Design the right training provider for you?

If you’re looking for training that checks boxes – we’re not for you.

If the primary reason for training is to fulfil a contractual obligations to your clients, suppliers or industry bodies, to complete compliance or any other reason that culminates in ticking a box that proves that your employees got trained then we’re not for you.

After being in all aspects or training & learning & development since 1993 I have coordinated, participated and delivered all types of “tick the box” training. This type of training is usually seen as a burden by the management as well as those that participate in the training. Most importantly it rarely delivers any real impacts on the business and its people.

We don’t do this

Training x Design believes that training is only successful when there is a positive change to the people involved. Learning only happens when it results in people being different than they were before.

Real Learning Solutions lead to thinking, doing and feeling differently.

People behaving differently grows businesses. The application of the learning is what creates real change and improves business results. Creating a sustainable competitive advantage with a unique workforce that behaves differently.

We choose to work with businesses who are after real outcomes. We choose to work with businesses who want to become more than they are today. Those that choose a training solution that produces real results, and that can be applied immediately into the workplace. Those that believe that investing in the learning of their people creates sustainable business improvements as well as contributes to their employees’ wellbeing.

We partner with our clients to design customised learning solutions that are relevant to the unique requirements of their business. Just like a tailored suit, not a “one size fits all”.

Our clients lead the training solution. The management team are part of every aspect of the design and are involved in a series of learning events that facilitate real change. From identifying where the learning opportunities are, the learning activities that will enhance these skills as well as how to sustain the behavioural change in the future.

Helping their people to Think More, Do More, Feel More

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Become more than you are today

Become more than you are today