This article is a follow up to my previous article “The 3 Real Obstacles to Innovation – Part 1” (Fear of Failure) & “The 3 Real Obstacles to Innovation – Part 2” (Not a good idea)

Welcome to Part 3 and the final article in this series

3. Innovation is not part of Business as Usual

Innovation that happens sporadically does not encourage an innovation culture. As soon as you believe that you have the answer you stop asking the question. You stop searching for alternatives, you stop seeking out learning opportunities.

For a business to truly succeed in the current environment it needs to have a culture of innovation. One that is Innovation Ready.

Being Innovation Ready means having a Culture of Innovation

Innovation is about finding a better way to do business. To do something that is genuinely unique in your industry that enables the organisation to grow while adding value for your customers. To become a market leader in your industry and build a sustainable competitive advantage.

The Business Council of Australia defines innovation as:

“The commercial application of old or new knowledge to create additional value and wealth”

To do this we need an organisation that has the relevant systems, symbols and behaviours that encourage an innovative mindset.

We need to have leaders that are innovation ready. Agile leaders that inspire creativity and encourage innovation. Who lead an innovative working environment from the front and that unleash the creativity potential within their teams.

Innovation Zone

When I ask people where they were the last time they had a creative idea they usually say places like; in the shower, on holiday, walking/running or when they’re trying to go to sleep. Very rarely do I hear “At Work”

What if we could learn how to create an environment that inspires creative thinking at work? So you can be always ready for innovation when you need it?

Like muscles in our body, the more creativity is exercised, the stronger it becomes. If we don’t exercise our creativity, we cement the block into place and cannot access our creative thoughts.

Our creative ability is with us we just need to let it out.

Create the Environment to Unleash the Potential

And develop an innovation culture that is continuously learning, seeking, thinking forward and problem solving.


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