Training x Design customised a Coaching & Mentoring workshop as part of a retail division’s new customer service strategy. Using challenges taken from real-life business situations ensured that the training was instantly applicable to the workplace.

This organisation had a need for 20 internal champions to help apply a new customer service strategy in-store across Australia. Training x Design designed it to include specific examples and activities drawn from the business itself.

The workshop was highly successful, from the perspective of the participants, and also from the perspective of the Learning and Development Manager.

Learning & Development Manager’s comment:

I expected that our people would come out of the session with a greater understanding of how they could motivate and inspire our retail employees around the principles of the internal program. Judging by feedback given, participants clearly feel they have been given the tools to go to the stores in their state as a Coach/Mentor and contribute to the program in this way.

The most valuable aspect was that it was made relevant, with the use of case studies and examples, to our internal program. Some great responses were investigated and discussed to some real challenges and questions that these employees could face as Mentors.

Well done as always. The group certainly participated in a way that would indicate their comfort with you. This was a particularly large group, and managed very well.

Participant feedback:

  • Knowing that we have been trained by a professional
  • The enthusiastic presenter, engaging, keeps energy & focus on the course content
  • Being able to incorporate it into the shoot star program having a better understanding of it
  • Very approachable delivery and trainer – effective activities
  • Talking about real questions that I can use in store
  • Friendly atmosphere. Understandable
  • Very informative information
  • New ideas, new concept of dealing with staff and customers in building rapport
  • The group and interactive activities
  • Relevant to my job strategies were very helpful in context with my job responsibilities
  • That I can support, encourage and nurture the more recalcitrant staff as well as those open to this new phase
  • The fun way it was presented & the book to follow later
  • The workbook something we can keep and refer too.
  • Was made fun not too much overload. Good follow up to the day before
  • That we were included but not in a corny or embarrassing way
  • The presenter style – funny & engaging