An organisation with a customer service call centre had a need for training of its 37-person-strong call team. In consultation with the organisation, Training x Design developed and delivered a successful program on really tight timelines.

The program involved three, 3-hour sessions, and it was conducted on-site. Developing the program was consultative and collaborative, and it involved listening to the call centre’s recordings to identify specific learning gaps. This ensured that the training solution was tailored specifically to the learners involved in the program.

Training x Design scripted compliant and non-compliant calls. These were added to the training as case studies, which were used in the workshops. It meant that the learning was based on real examples, and they provided valuable insight into what it means to deliver exceptional customer service.

To make sure that the learning was applied, all participants completed follow-up tasks. In the fortnight following the training, learners also submitted call analysis tasks, where they outlined the situations and techniques they used in handling various calls.

On review of the tasks, it became apparent that the skills learned in the workshop were being successfully implemented in the workplace.

Business Operations Manager comment:

I was blown away by the professionalism and ability to make things happen throughout this entire consultation process. Particularly with such tight deadlines. The learners not only gained valuable customer service skills but have come away with a different approach and attitude to what delivering customer service excellence really is. Their confidence has grown and our customer feedback is better than ever.

Thank you so much for all of your hard work and competence in delivering such successful outcomes to our business. I can’t wait to work on another program with you.